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Sanjana's Prawn Gassi Risotto

Friends experimenting with the Gassi curry mix.

"I wanted to do something new and special, but not anything too ridiculous! Curries pair well with rice… And then I thought about the different types of rice. I have about 5 types of rice at home, and voilà, arborio rice seemed fit the bill! Why did I think of making a risotto? Well, a risotto is supposed to be creamy and rich, and I felt the coconut curry would be perfect for it. Fusion food skeptics may scoff at the idea, but it honestly didn’t taste too different from what this curry and traditional white rice would taste like. For me, it made me super happy to create - a new dish, a new experience; and this is why I love to cook, and cook new dishes all the time!"


- Prawns - 5-7 mid-sized pieces.

- Arborio rice - 1 cup

- Coconut milk - 200 ml

- Oil - as per requirement

- Sundooq's Gassi mix - 1 pack


- In a wok, empty the contents of the @mysundooq Gassi packet, with a little bit of oil. Stir a bit to cook out the masalas.

- Next, add a little bit of water to deglaze the wok, and then add 200 ml of coconut milk, while mixing. Taste, assess if you like it; optionally add more water or coconut milk, depending on how rich/coconut-y you like your curry.

- Throw in your protein. I added prawns, cooked them for about 5 min (time will vary depending on the size) and took them out, kept aside so as not to overcook them.

- With the curry done, add about 1 cup of arborio rice in another wok/pan and toast it a bit

- Then, as with all risotto preparation, add the curry to the arborio rice, one ladle at a time, till the rice absorbs all the curry and turns al dente (save 3-4 tbsp of curry, if possible). This will take some time and patience, but it’s worth it! Check for taste, add water/coconut milk as needed.

- Once the rice is cooked through, transfer the risotto to a bowl, place the prawns on top, spoon over the leftover curry, garnish with coriander. Done!

Meet Sanjana, a business manager in the SaaS industry who found her love for cooking in the pandemic.

Unlike most of us, her experiments didn't stop at the 456th version of Maggie! She went on to create comfort food using clean ingredients from small batch products. So now you're eating a pizza, which is not only delicious, but also freshly made from the scratch and may we add, healthy too!

You can follow her on Instagram - @basilandpestle


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