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Sundooq is built as a memoir and an exploration, of unique flavours and intimate memories that we have collected while travelling across the diverse Indian landscape. Together, we take a journey through the bustling flavours, sounds and aromas of regional Indian kitchens, which hold within them recipes that have lived across generations.

An ode to mothers and grandmothers - the living archives of traditional flavours that create our memories of home.


At the heart of each dish is a story. Stories that are embedded with markers of ecological balance and sustainable living, a pressing need for our futures.

Our recipes are sourced from mothers and grandmothers, who have been the keepers of traditional food knowledge for generations and are masters of nutrition and proportion.


With each recipe mix, we bring forth the food of communities that remain hidden from one another, and attempt to infuse a new indian food culture that facilitates conservation of traditional recipes and cooking techniques, while promoting local, healthy and ethically sourced produce.


There is a long way to go of course, but we are hopeful the pieces will slowly come together, eventually transforming the way we eat, with...

Integrity, Curiosity and Love.


"My adventures with travel, design and art seem to have led me to a simple truth - stories last forever, and food is a powerful vehicle for storytelling. Food is who we are, where we come from, how we live, what we believe, and who we will become. But it is also complicated, as you peel off the layers you start to see the delicate threads that tie it all together.


Sundooq is my journey to uncover and untangle these threads, to explore stories from the past and food that has lived on. I hope for it to guide us, to re-imagine and create the new stories, beliefs and food that we must take with us into our future."


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I am an architect and dancer by training, a systems designer and story-seeker by practice and a food and travel enthusiast at heart. I’ve worked independently across sectors of art & culture, architecture & design, and social impact, for over a decade. Sundooq is an experiment in my journey as an entrepreneur, driven by an interminable curiosity and the wish to create a future rooted with values of camaraderie and care. More

Sundooq was pre-incubated at 


Part of the Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs 2021-22

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