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Elizabeth's Never Fail Chocolate Cake

When we interviewed Elizabeth for the Khhat (a monthly letter to our subscribers), this recipe emerged as the first thing she ever learnt to cook. It reminds her of the magic in baking, where something goes into the oven in one form and comes out in another!


1 egg (can be replaced with 1/2 tin condensed milk)

1/2 cup cacao

1/2 cup oil (I like to use coconut)

1 1/2 cup flour (I used to use AP flour, now I've switched to whole wheat)

1/2 cup curd

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

Vanilla (a drop of essence) - If there's no vanilla, I'd throw in a splash of some rum/whiskey that's lying around

3/4 cup sugar (I also use jaggery, if condensed milk is being added, reduce to 1/4 cup)

1/2 cup hot water.


  • Add ingredients in this order to a mixie jar. Blend it till ingredients combine.

  • Make sure there aren't any lumps of flour stuck to the side or at the bottom.

  • Pour into a greased baking dish.

  • Microwave for 8 mins on med-high.

  • Can also be steamed in a cooker or baked in an oven at 180 for around 35 mins / knife comes out clean.

Couldn't get easier than this, could it! :)

Elizabeth Yorke is a chef turned food researcher, writer and an advocate for sustainable food systems. She is the co-founder of Edible Issues, a collective that is fostering thought and conversation on the Indian Food System, and the founder of Saving Grains, an upcycling food initiative inspired by the historically circular relationship between brewers and bakers. You can find her on instagram @elizabeth.yorke.


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