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Rumpa's Prawn Potato Roganjosh

Friends experimenting with the Roganjosh curry mix

"Roganjosh is one of our most ordered dishes whenever we dine out at any Indian restaurant! So this curry mix from sundooq was a must-try for me. Creating a new dish and diverting from the usual norm of using mutton was an amazing experience."

- Rumpa


500 gms clean de-veined prawns

1 large potato cubed in chunks

3-4 tbsp beaten curd

3 tbsp cooking oil (preferably mustard oil)

1 pack of Sundooq's Roganjosh curry mix.


  • Coat the prawns with salt and turmeric powder and pan-fry in one spoon of oil for five minutes.

  • Set the prawns aside and fry the potatoes in the same oil till they are a little brown.

  • In a bowl, make a smooth paste with the beaten curd, 1 tbsp oil, and 1 packet of Sundooq's Roganjosh mix.

  • Add the remaining oil to the pan, add the mix along with the potatoes, and half a cup of warm water.

  • Cover and cook till the potatoes are soft and then add the prawns. and then cook for another five to six minutes.

  • Make sure you don't overcook the prawns as they would get chewy.

  • Keep the gravy slightly thick.

Rumpa wears many hats and looks great in all of them. A former learning and development professional, she is now a full-time mother and creates some drool-worthy recipes on Instagram that are perfect for that lazy weekend afternoon. She finds cooking extremely therapeutic and believes that while curiosity may kill the cat, in the kitchen, it'll only help you create magic; the more you explore, the more you create. Sunshine, rainy days, long drive, a cup of chai, fresh masalas, green vegetables, and the sizzle of a tadka makes her happy. Follow her at @mycurrystories on Instagram.


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