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Pepper has 1500 species available globally, out of which 600 are in Southeast Asia and of these 21, including three new varieties are found in India. Black Pepper or Milagu is a spice staple across southern India, but this mix from the Western Ghats is one with the strength and might to lift up not just your food but your mood!


*Each Chutney Mix is 70gms that can make 5-8 servings, depending on usage.

MILAGU - Fiery Pepper Mix

  • Ingredients: Black Pepper, Kanthari Red Chillies, Ginger, Split Pigeon Peas, Split Chickpeas, Black Gram,  Asofetida, Salt


    We pack our mixes in resealable paper pouches for regular orders and in glass bottles for our curated gift boxes.


    Made with the highest quality and pure ingredients, sourced from farmer collectives in India. No added preservatives or anti-caking agents.

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