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Lettuce Apple Salad with Spiced Flax Seed Dressing

How do you turn a humble green salad into a delight for the palate?


100g Green Leaf Lettuce

1pc Cucumber

1/2 Green Apple

Handful of Grapes or Berries (optional)

Pumpkin or Melon Seeds (optional)

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Sundooq Teesi Mix


  1. Cut the cucumber and apple into small dice size. Chop the Lettuce roughly or into thick slivers.

  2. If you're also adding grapes, cut them into half.

  3. Place everything in a salad bowl. Pour over the olive oil and sprinkle the Sundooq Teesi Mix.

  4. Mix well and Serve.

  5. Always remember to add the dressing only when you are about to eat. This ensures the salad retains its freshness and crunch.


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