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Manish's Gassi Mushroom Tart

Friends experimenting with the Gassi curry mix.

" I received a set of heirloom mixes in my Sundooq and I chose to create something with the Mangalorean Gassi Curry Spice mix. I’ve loved the use of Coconut Milk in desserts and savoury dishes too, certainly. The kind of balance which coconut milk can offer is probably unmatched in some dishes so not hampering much with the classics, I gave a spin on the Mushroom and Cheese Tart that I usually make."

- Manish

Part 1: The Tumeric Tart Base


Cold Butter - 100 gms

All-Purpose Flour - 150 gms

Cornflour (Optional) - 45 gms

Salt - 5 gms

Turmeric Powder - 10 gms

Yolk - 15 gms (approx 1 yolk)

Ice Cold Water - 40 ml


  • Rub the dry ingredients with the cold butter to achieve a sand-like texture.

  • Add the yolk to the mix and bring everything together.

  • Once it’s well incorporated, start adding water in three parts, this is highly subjective to the flour and water in your area and you may have to stop halfway through.

  • A simple way to gauge an understanding is to check if the dough is formed and it’s not sticking, moist enough.

  • Once the dough is made, cling wrap it or wrap it with aluminum foil, or keep it in a bowl, wrapped with a cloth – let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, overnight preferably.

The lining of the tart base:

  • Roll the dough, not more than 5 mm thick.

  • Don’t overwork the dough because the warmth will affect the texture and the finishing of the tart.

  • Once you achieve the 4-5mm thickness, line the dough onto the tart base and scrape the extras from the top.

  • At this stage, you may have to keep the lined tart base back in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, to rest it again.

Baking of the tart base:

• Pre-heat the oven at 170 degrees, Celcius for 10 minutes o Pro-tip: Like humans, no two ovens are the same. Even if there are two same ovens in the same room, they behave differently. So, you know your sweet spot (read: heat spot) with your oven, make it work!

  • Post the 15-minute rest, it’s time to blind bake the tart.

  • Blind baking is the process of half-baking the tart base, before a semi-cooked or an uncooked filling goes in.

  • Upon the tart base, place a baking paper and fill it up with any uncooked beans, such that the dough doesn’t rise while baking.

  • This will ensure 80% cooking of the tart and the rest 20% will be cooked once our Mushroom Gassi Curry (Custard) goes in.

  • The tart base must be baked for at least 16 minutes, depending on the size that you’re making. I made a 5-inch tart base & it took me around 18 minutes to semi-bake it.

Part 2: The Gassi Mushroom Curry


Mushrooms - 250 gms (You can use a mix of assorted mushrooms, but classic button mushrooms work just fine.)

Coconut Oil - 25 ml

Coconut Milk - 100 ml + 25 ml

Salt - to taste

Sundooq's Gassi Masala - 1/2 a pack.


  • Peel the skin of the mushroom and cook them in coconut oil for about 8 minutes.

  • While you do that, in another pan, take half of the Sundooq's Gassi mix and cook it with 10 ml of oil. Salt can be added as per taste.

  • Once the mushrooms are cooked, mix them both and cook for 5 more minutes.

  • At this point, the curry will be thickened and you will see coconut oil being released on the edges.

  • Add coconut milk at this stage and mix it well and cook for another 5 minutes. Since this is being added to the tart base, it needs to be further thickened, so you can cook it for another 5 minutes.

Important Tips:

- Here’s the shortest method to make the curry custard: ADD ONE WHOLE EGG to the 350 grams of curry you have. Mix it well, let it rest for another 30 minutes. Don’t add the egg in the curry while it’s hot, you’ll end up making Gassi Curry scramble. (Oops) - Fill up 90% of the tart base with the Gassi Curry Custard (now that we’ve established it). This is because the curry will rise up to the brim of the tart. - Bake the filled tart for 15 minutes at 150 degrees, this means 20 degrees lesser than whatever temperature was when you baked the tart with beans earlier. Et voila! We’re done!

Manish once ate a macaron at a local bakery in Pune and that's exactly when the love story began - he knew he wanted to bake all his life and to further build up the romance and learn the science of baking, he went to Lavonne Academy in Bangalore. Here he learned the art of pastry and then there was no looking back. Today, Manish is the founder of DZRT where he bakes delicious goods using local and international ingredients and elevates the baking scene in Pune, one tempting cheesecake at a time.

You can follow him on @themanishmenghani and drool your way through.


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